I wanted to send a note of appreciation for the wonderful experience I had with H. Hudson Homes with the building of my home. I had the pleasure of building my home “from the ground up” having bought in to the project prior to construction. The plans for the home were very appealing and H. Hudson Homes was very flexible with my interests including relocating a bathroom from the original plans. I had also wanted to make some custom additions to the plans which everyone accommodated with ease. The construction process was smooth and fairly stress free. I did not feel I needed to check in all that frequently as all went very much according to plans and the contractors were timely with their work. I never felt that there were short cuts being taken and feel the construction was top notch from beginning to end. After moving in, I have found the house to be very well constructed with the quality and attention to detail that I prefer. As with any new home, there were some issues that needed to be addressed and Lou has been extremely responsive in helping with those issues, even after the first year. I would not hesitate recommend H. Hudson Homes as a builder and would work with them at some time in the future if I ever decided to build another home! Jeff Penikas

Jeff Penikas

We’ve had a great experience buying our home through Hudson Homes, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. We love the contemporary look and appreciate the use of upscale and unique interior and exterior finishes. We bought our home a few months before completion and Hudson Homes followed through on all agreed upon items without any hassle. Additionally, they've been very responsive when small issues needed addressing throughout our first year. Many thanks!  

Kathy & Bill M.

Our growing family required larger living quarters. We knew immediately that our house was a perfect fit. Even having lived in the house for over a year, we are still finding design decisions that highlight the forethought given to the architecture of our beautiful home. The proverbial cherry on the top of our exquisitely designed house is our follow up care. Having moved from a condo where the HOA fees obviate the need for most maintenance responsibilities, the team from Hudson Homes has provided stellar recommendations for home services and has been overly patient with our endless number of questions. The warranty items that presented themselves over the first year were met with utmost speed and professionalism. I would work with Hudson Homes again in a heartbeat. Philip Arnason

Philip Arnason

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