October 23, 2013

10 Questions to Ask Your Portland Home Builders

portland home builders Question mark made of puzzle piecesAs you look into the purchase of a new home, don’t just assume that everything is going to be in tip-top shape once construction is complete. By asking Oregon home builders the right questions, you can have a pleasant purchasing experience and peace of mind knowing that the contractor is experienced and reputable.

As you search for a new home, ask Portland home builders:

  1. Is home construction your specialization? Oregon home builders that specialize in house construction have better knowledge regarding residential building codes and the respective industry best practices and standards.
  2. How long have you been in the business? A good builder is forthcoming about the company’s track record, regardless of the amount of time it’s been in business. When companies are young, Portland home builders should tell you about their training, professional experience and capabilities.
  3. Are you a member of any builders’ associations? Membership in an association shows a company’s commitment to the industry and its own success.
  4. What type of warranty comes with the home? Good Portland home builders back their new homes with a warranty. If there is a warranty, ask about what’s covered, the length of the warranty and deductibles.
  5. Do the appliances in the home have their own warranties? Some appliance warranties last longer than home warranties.
  6. Does your company provide any type of after-sales service? These services can help you connect with interior designers, local utility companies, landscapers, area schools and the like.
  7. Can you give me some references? A builder who is proud of is his work is more than happy to give you the names of clients.
  8. Do you sell to investors? When a builder sells homes to investors and homeowners, you may find yourself in an empty neighborhood if there’s an economic scare.
  9. Is there a deadline for choosing my own home upgrades? In some cases, if you don’t request your own appliances and upgrades by a certain deadline, the builder may choose them for you.
  10. What are your quality control practices? A reputable builder is one who has nothing to hide. He should be able to walk you through how the home was constructed and the measures taken to ensure a quality build, like steps to prohibit moisture intrusion, product failures and more.

When you buy a new home, the builder is just as important as the structure. By asking the right question, you can purchase a new home with confidence.

[Photo by Horia Varlan via CC License]

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