March 19, 2014

Contemporary Landscaping Ideas for Portland Modern Homes

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 Portland Home buildersA new modern home deserves new modern landscaping. Luckily, in the Pacific Northwest we enjoy an abundance of greenery options to compliment your contemporary home and lifestyle. Here is a list of what new home builders in Portland recommend you consider when landscaping a modern home.

Think Native. Native plants offer a wide variety of landscaping benefits. They require little to no watering and minimal maintenance. As they are accustomed to the climate, they are hardier during the winter and highly adaptable. Native plants also attract local wildlife, like birds and butterflies.

Select Harmonious Influences. Quality landscaping not only fits the area around a home, but the home itself. Create a relationship between your Portland modern home and the landscaping by choosing influences that work together well. If your home is filled with darkly stained woods, then extend dark woods into the landscaping as well. The harmony between outside and in will personalize your landscaping.

Consider the View Year Round. It is common to primarily consider spring and summer when choosing trees, shrubs, flowers and groundcovers. However, your landscape should be enjoyable during all seasons. A well-planned landscape will always offer a lovely view, whether you prefer blooms or fiery leaves. New home builders in Portland also recommend evergreens for continuous color throughout the year.

Create Drama with Textures and Angles. Contemporary landscaping incorporates new elements in order to refresh the familiar. Consider tall ornamental grasses, succulent gardens, or well-maintained mosses to modernize your landscaping. And let the unique angles and shapes of Portland modern homes inspire the lines of your modern landscaping. Geometric shapes and unexpected curves can transform a traditional landscape into a contemporary retreat.

Remember Your Needs. Your landscaping should fit your modern lifestyle as well as your modern home. If you do not wish to spend your weekends manicuring the lawn, then opt for lower maintenance trees and shrubs as landscaping focal points. If you have children, then perhaps you will want a grassy area in which they can play. And if you enjoy vegetable gardening, then don’t hide your tomatoes in the far corner of the yard. Bring them near where you would entertain friends and create a statement with the shape of raised boxes or an angular garden path. Ultimately, landscaping a Portland modern home should involve reflecting your personal lifestyle as well as your aesthetic influences.

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[Photo by Karen Roe via CC License]

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