February 10, 2014

5 Top Trends in 2014 for New Homes in Portland

New Modern Homes KitchenIf you compare the qualities of new and existing homes, it is apparent that the needs and wants of homebuyers have changed. New homes in Portland are currently being built with the convenience and conscience of the buyer in mind, in order to fit with your lifestyle from the moment you unpack the first box. The latest trends prove that sustainability, convenience, and family are integral factors in choosing a home.

5 Top 2014 Trends for New Homes in Portland

1) Green Builds

The intent of green building is to reduce the environmental impact of construction through efficient use of resources and reduction of waste and pollution. Portland home builders are increasingly aware that resources are limited, and a green build contributes to a more energy and resource efficient home.

2) Energy and Water Efficiency

Water and energy conservation continues to be an important factor for resource and cost conscious home buyers. Portland home builders are meeting those needs by installing high functioning furnaces and low-water toilets and sinks. Integrated solar panels and native plants ensures energy and water efficient homes maintain curb appeal.

3) Stylish Kitchens and Bathrooms

Not surprisingly, Portlanders love to entertain. While furniture and accents can personalize a living room, up-to-date fixtures and tile are necessary for stylish kitchens and bathrooms. New homes in Portland have lots of space for socializing in the kitchen, and details like dual-head showers and glass tile in the bathroom.

4) Updated Electrical to Power Devices

Portland home builders are aware that every room in a new home requires electrical sockets for more than lamps and televisions. Updated electrical includes USB charger compliant U-Sockets in the walls and smartphone docking stations for stereo use.

5) Multigenerational Living

Whether for economic or personal reasons, many home buyers must consider having room for their parents or their adult children when purchasing a new home. Homes with dual master suites, multiple full-size bathrooms, and in-law apartments allow multiple generations to live comfortably under the same roof.

H. Hudson Homes prides itself in the building of sustainable and modern new homes in Portland, Bend, Lake Oswego and many other areas around Oregon. Contact us to learn more about our practices.

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