September 11, 2013

Top 3 Benefits of New Homes in Portland

new homes in portland Show-Me Green TaxOregon home builders know that there is more to a choosing a new home than picking out carpet and lighting fixtures. As the housing market continues its rebound and you look for new homes in Portland, consider the following benefits of purchasing a new modern home:

Energy Efficiency

When you purchase a new modern home, chances are that it will have the latest energy-efficient appliances. Purchasing a new home, rather than a previously owned home, saves you the hassle of figuring out how to haul away old and inefficient appliances from the previous homeowner. In addition, the new home builder will most likely have installed insulation and windows with a high R-value, used low-VOC paints and used eco-friendly, high efficiency building materials.


Many Oregon home builders back the houses that they construct with a warranty, a promise to replace or repair certain items in a house within a certain time frame. The warranty generally covers the workmanship and some of the home’s components, like the windows, plumbing or electrical systems. When you move into a new modern home, the brand new appliances are also generally covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Less Maintenance

New home builders specifically engineer houses to require less maintenance than their older counterparts. For example, a contractor may use vinyl siding instead of wood, which you’d need to eventually repaint. The maintenance on a traditional home can cost you up to $100 or more per month. New homes in Portland generally cost less than $25 per month to maintain.

If the perks of a new Portland home piqued your interest, contact H. Hudson Homes to learn more or view our available new homes today.

[Photo by KOMUnews via CC License]

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