October 9, 2013

Modern Home Builders Talk Top Trends in Design

modern home builders outdoor-kitchen-atlantaWhen modern home builders talk about the latest housing trends, words that you may hear include “green,” “smaller,” “smarter” and “outdoor spaces.” Here’s a look at the top design trends that you’ll find in today’s modern homes.

Modern Homes—Portland Trends

  • Smaller homes: Homeowners are scaling back when it comes to square footage and excessive design. In today’s modern homes, Portland residents seek functional dwellings that adapt to the changing needs of a family. The scaled down dwellings now feature pocket offices, media rooms and space for several generations under one roof (think in-law suites).
  • Green materials: Today’s modern home builders incorporate sustainable building materials, eco-friendly paints and high-efficiency appliances into new houses.
  • The indoor-outdoor connection: More homeowners spend time outdoors, giving rise to the popularity of outdoor living spaces. These spaces have many of the same comforts that you’d find inside a home like full kitchens, television sets, entertainment systems, fire pits or fireplaces, private outdoor showers and comfortable, stylish outdoor furniture.
  • Smarter homes: Thanks to the marvels of technology, modern home builders now incorporate smart appliances into today’s home, like thermostats and deadbolts that you can activate from a mobile device.
  • Stylish bathrooms and kitchens: The kitchen is the heart of the home and the bathroom is where people go to find some alone-time. With this in mind, modern home builders are making kitchens a trendy, more hospitable place for family and friends the gather. They’ve also increased the comfort in bathrooms by incorporating more natural light, elegant fixtures and clever storage options.

To check out some of the latest modern homes, Portland residents should get in touch with H. Hudson Homes today.

[Photo by Arnold Masonry & Concrete via CC License]

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