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September 18, 2013

About H. Hudson Homes: Modern Home Builders in Portland

h. hudson homes new home buildersH. Hudson Homes are modern home builders dedicated to sustainability and cutting edge designs, so you have a home that you’ll always feel proud to own.

The Oregon home builders at H. Hudson Homes have a modern take on housing. Its team specializes in green home design and construction, building safety, sustainability, single- and multi-family dwellings and land acquisition. Industry leaders look to H. Hudson Homes because of their dedication to fusing design innovation and technology in a way that’s culturally and environmentally sensitive.

In addition to building new modern homes, H. Hudson Homes specializes in infill building. In regards to urban development, infill building gives new life to an empty lot by developing housing that’s eco-friendly and highly stylized for city dwellers, while offering the community a balanced, creative appeal.

Contact H. Hudson Homes to learn more about its services or to inquire about a Portland infill project.

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George Hale

About George Hale

George Hale is the owner of H. Hudson Homes. H. Hudson Homes specializes in building new modern homes in the Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas with an emphasis on cutting-edge design and sustainability.

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