August 27, 2013

Can Sustainable Portland Modern Homes Also be Affordable?

I have a frame!!Portland modern homes are getting more eco-friendly all the time. Modern home builders attest that if you want a dwelling that’s green, you don’t have to worry about busting your budget.

Fact vs. Reality

There’s a common misconception that green dwellings cost more than traditional houses. While there are individual elements of sustainable homes that cost more, like vegetated roofs, you may actually save money when you consider the long-term savings.

Modern home builders that are thoughtful about a home’s design and use the most efficient, holistic approaches can make sustainable Portland homes as affordable as new traditional homes. In fact, there are several green building materials that cost the same or less than their conventional counterparts, especially if tax benefits are available.

Portland Modern Homes: Keeping Costs Low

There are several ways to build a new sustainable modern home and stay within budget. Home builders offer the following tips:

  • Downsize and simplify the floor plan: The bigger your home is, the more it will cost to build. Instead of adding square footage, incorporate an open floor plan that gives a home a big-house feel. Furthermore, building up instead of out can also save you money.
  • Consider the location: A home that’s close to an access road is less expensive to build than one in the middle of nowhere, especially when you consider the respective infrastructure costs. A modern home builder can help you determine which lots are the most affordable to build for your project.
  • Eco-minded builders: Not all contractors use sustainable or eco-friendly building practices. As you plan a new modern home, work with a company that specializes in green home designs and construction. Ask the representative about the methods that the company uses to keep costs low and homes green.
  • Don’t forget the tradeoffs: Keep in mind that while some green aspects of a home may cost more to install, it may pay for itself and actually save you money. These items can include insulation and windows with a high R-rating, solar energy system and a high-efficiency heating and cooling system.

H. Hudson Homes specializes in sustainable modern home building. Contact them today to learn more about their eco-friendly and livable new homes.

[Photo by Melissa Clark via CC License]

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